You see, when I joined the ROC, back in June of 2015, something was lit in my head. Something I thought I couldn't shake off. It was a spark of awe and wonder at what appeared to me as brilliance. True, Redwall was brilliant, but it wasn't perfect. 

I'm not writing this so that I can beat up Redwall. That'd be pointless. I am writing this to make a few announcements. 

First, I need to acknowledge something within me. The ROC is slowly dying. My flame of creativity surrounding animals that live in a place where good always wins and evil is easy to defeat has gone out. My stories here on the ROC have crashed and burned, and I've got two reasons why. 

One is that I was just a terrible parent/author of them and back then. 

Two is that creating a complicated world is very hard, especially when you're heavily "borrowing" from someone else's template. 

I have not edited on the Redwall Wiki for a long time, and for here longer. I am not the editor, friend, or writer I was in that summer that seems so far off. 

With that, I'd like to announce that I am no longer a member of the Redwall Online Community. I doubt I'll be a regular user around here or any other Wiki, which means I'm leaving this place up to you two. 

Heather and Ox, you guys were the two friends I had throughout my whole time here, and I'm glad you joined me on this little adventure.