Day 1 2/16/16

  • The young renegade Ox Rookbane declares his superiority over me. I strike immediately. He sets up defenses, and cleverly surrounds my forces and takes no prisoners. 

Days 2-3 2/17-18/16

  • There are back-and-forth assaults from both mine and Rookbane's sides. Neither side takes very heavy casualties.
  • Ox announces his rebellion and I am given no choice but to strike once more. 

Day 4 2/19/16

  • The height of the Flame War is reached. General Heather announces her alliance with my Long Patrol, which I am led to believe Rookbane resented. 

Day 5 2/20/16

  • The war ends with an Armistace and Ceasefire. Rookbane's forces are moved away from Salamandastron to the Western Plains, and the Long Patrol are ordered to return back inside the mountain. Two copies of the Armistace were signed, each side kept one.                 

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