Day 1

  • Snowstripe tried taking me down? Hah! Feeble attempt, spat fire at him like it was nothing.

Day 2

  • some random beast joined in. I dunno

Day 3

  • Snowstripe attacked once more
    • Targeted this newcomer
    • Ranted on about how he was the founder... How he was- blah blah blah, I don't care.
    • Threatened to strangle this newcomer (scoot over here, Snow, can I try on you? c:)
  • I attacked once more. I'm hoping for a successful hit.
  • Snowstripe received my attack and planned a camisado. It were merely just a sheer boasting that doesn't really seem too much.

Day 4

  • After receiving notice from Colonel Whiscut about the camisado, I decided to play his game and do a morning assault. :)

Day 5

  • I have lost my MIND. ACK. if I had cookie dough, I would be more calm. just would be sitting here, munching away at the deliciousness of cookie dough.

Day ?

  • its stopped, I forget when. but now, im not devastated by snowstripe's attacks; I'm devastated that my best friend that I have a crush on is moving away after this school year. I have less than four months. I've asked her out, but she diverts the question. wow. I've never felt this way before in my life.