Thee shall pledge with thy heart,
A promise never to break; a code never to stray
Thou shall honor the code to oblige:
Thee shall swear to honesty, key to life;
Defend the weak and wounded;
Lead correctly and never endanger,
Many souls for a meager cause;
A testimony is one such, a defense of a guilty.
Thy young 'uns are the valuable-
Thus future generations to come
A maid or lass is no different also;
And those who can't comply,
Shall not bare the title,
For they are not deemed worthy
And thus this be the code,
The code of a Badger Lord.

(Author's note: I am known to have a way with poetry, so I wanted to go for it after seeing Heather make one. Sure, mine is shorter, but there is no justified length. Now that I have this out of my system, let me get back to my math homework...)