So, for the spirit of Halloween, I went Trick-or-Treating. And I'll tell you, it was SUCCESSFUL. After getting rid of the candy I don't like to my parents or brother, it still left me with a giant bowl-full of candy. Lots of good stuff, too. So I'll be enjoying it for a long time :] (more like five days max)
For Trick-or-Treating, you need a costume. I debated about it for a bit. I wanted to be "Kaneki" from Tokyo Ghoul, but I never got the hair spray/dye I needed and the other materials. Since my parents weren't gonna go last minute shopping for them, I had to whip up a costume in under an hour. It was five o'clock, and Trick-or-Treating starts at six o'clock.
I found a white t-shirt my Dad let me use and cut up, a black hoodie, a normal white t-shirt to wear, black foam-paper-thingies, and a hot glue gun. Firing up the glue gun, I got to work. Cutting strips of white out and gluing them onto the hoodie, my costume was coming together. It looked WAY better on my makeshift mannequin (our giant tub of sugar placed atop the biggest cook book we got). After donning it and seeing myself in the mirror, it was... O.K. Great for a first try though xD
I never mentioned what I was. I'll let you guess. You got three tries.


If you managed to guess "badger", then by golly you're good! One person asked in an excited manner, "ARE YOU _____ FROM THUNDERCATS?!"
"Nope, I'm a badger!"
"Uggh! I was way off!"
And we had a good laugh. I was mistaken for that, a cat, and a cow, or not even asked at all. Yes, I messed up a bit, but I tried. Not like it was a full-out fursuit (which does sound amazing omg), but it was doable and nice. It wasn't very hot, only 51F. Some people said they were cold, so I wonder if I'm warm or sick...
I thought I'd share this experience with y'all. I've partially seen Heather on HTTYD Wikia (just arms I believe), and now I've shown almost all of me. I don't know if I regret, but I blurred out all of my face to keep me safe. (Please don't hunt me down outside of this Wikia without notifying me. Please, just don't.)
Hope you guys had a good one, or if you aren't a Hallowiener, then, happy Day of The Dead? (El Día De Los Muertos!)

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