How This Started

I had this perfect idea in a dream, but I can't remember it, but I remember feeling satisfaction from dreaming it up. Now how corny or Redwall-y does that sound?

About This

I want to see how well YOU know Redwall, how you can make a rational hypothesis, and/or how you can make a good judgment. I'm still reading the series, so I might learn some new things I missed or things I don't know, and I might ask comprehension questions.

How This Works

  1. A question will be posted daily (I'll try)
  2. Comment the date (Ex: 1/19/16)
  3. Type your answer to the question
  4. Post.

It's that SIMPLE!

Ran by: Nick WildeIt's Called a Hustle, Sweetheart! 01:50, June 21, 2016 (UTC)


  • Question: What is a species that you think doesn't belong in Redwall?

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