This poem is inspired by the prologue of How to Betray a Dragon's Hero. It's also sorta for A Hero's Journey.

A sword may be made of the greatest steel,

And forged by a Badger lord,

But if it is not tested again and again,

It will not become a great sword.

The blade is hammered,

And bashed,

By the bright hammer,

And smashed.

It is then shoved into the fire,

Where it is softened,

Then quickly thrust into water,

Where it once more is hardened.

The hotter and fiercer the flames,

The stronger and harder the blade,

And the more it is done,

The better the sword is made.

This whole process can make

A weapon fit for a King,

Or it can break,

And never become anything.

The same may be said

For the making of a Hero,

He could be weak and end up dead,

Or be more than he can imagine.