Faction Information

Justicers is a faction led by Ox Rookbane. The faction is known for participating in the The Great Flame War of 2016.

The Justicers viewed Justice, Liberty, and Freedom as top values of the creatures of Mossflower. Led by the Badger Lord, Ox Rookbane, he led his forces against the F.R.O.S.T. Division to establish this value in Mossflower once and for all.

After the truce was signed, the forces retired the assault, but always stand by. It has been known that the Lord's son, Lekota, has tried to strike. It was denied by his father and put down with a simple matter of words. He might've not lost his desert for an entire 4 seasons...

Though warfare has concluded, our side of the truce never was fully in effect. That's how I see it, but I could be mistaken.

Warfare is the worst way to settle a dispute, but it's the most efficient to get others to listen. As much as I prefer to avoid it, we have to bring up arms here and there and slaughter. Justice needs to be served, and it was all a war crime against us. Our followers, our ways, tarnished to the treaty.

Perhaps my vision is impaired or is scarred. I have fought many battles in my days, and some of the toughest ones were with my voice. I let my only son Lekota control as the Justicers are his own. He might not understand the importance of a Voice, but he's powerful in his own way. If slaughter is how he works, then so be it. If he can use his Voice, then so be it. I will let him continue being him and leading, for I am too old and my judgement seems to be impaired, also.

I cannot think of anything else to write. I will put my pen down and look over what I have before me. I can only hope it's a good report.