The Mess Hall


Wednesday 3/03/16

  • Snowstripe : For some reason, the server won't load my achievement of contributions for 14 days straight. Huh.
  • Ox: Got new shoes (back at it again with the vans!), got my favorite album on iTunes (Death of a Bachelor), and got a milkshake and cookie :D
  • Snowstripe : Ever listened to 'Alone Again, (Naturally)'? Great song.
  • Ox: Never heard of it. Though I do like Jason Mraz- I'm Yours, Christina Perri- Distance (ft. Jason Mraz), Skylar Grey- Coming Home Pt.2... It's not really upbeat pop, but they could be emotional.
  • Snowstripe : Try to contain yourself, man!
  • Ox: THE PUNS FROM THE ACE ATTORNEY SERIES... ACK! *noobie's first investigation with a dead body* Phoenix Wright| Wow, I was expecting 50 shades of pale, but I only saw 5...

Monday 3/7/16

  • Ox: My laptop upgraded to Windows 10 randomly (darn it), I think I have strep throat, and my dad is going to torture me by sending me off to school and make me take a dissolvable medication that burns the throat. I have smart people in my family!
  • Heather: Poor Ox. :P Wheeeeeeeeeeeee we're gonna get a printer!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
  • Ox: I am so tempted to make a cute drawing for some reason. Don't ask me why xD

Wednesday 3/9/20

  • Ox: Sayna made me the BEST PROFILE PICTURE EVER. IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL THAT I'M CRYING AND I CAN'T DO MY MATH HOMEWORK. | Chris Skaggs of Soma Games actually is interested in my Redwall Abbey I'm making. This, is epic!!! #BestDayEverEvenThoughImDrowningInHomework
  • Heather: Yeah, no kidding, right? I saw your reaction. XD About the second thing; Cool!!!

Saturday 3/12/16

  • Snowstripe : The Chris Skaggs?! Woah. High five me, man. Question for all you guys: Do you think Vilaya and Zwilt would have and/or should have been made a couple?
  • Heather: That would be interesting. XD Zwilaya.
  • Snowstripe : #Zwilaya lol. How do you think they met? In the Far East? Or somewhere else?
  • Ox: Coming to a theatre near you (read in a deep, narrator voice): "The incredible story of how two fell in love. Tom Cruise ad Zwilt, and Selena Gomez as Vilaya... The Unforgettable Love." | Yes, the Chris Skaggs. Can't wait to finish to blow his mind. then next thing you know this dysfunctional teenager here is going to get a job request and sadly has to say "no" legally.
  • Snowstripe : I'm making a fanfic on Vilaya and Zwilt on Wattpad if'n any of ye want to read it. My fanfiction on there is SnowstripetheFierce, as you could guess, and when it says "Uriah Elias Black", that's not my true name. My true name is Uriah Alva Blacke. The More You Know. *doo doo doo dooo*

Sunday 3/13/16

  • Ox: Huh, thought only I used Wattpad. I have my first name, but not last. My class in L.A really likes my writing, and are encouraging me to take my notebook and upload everything to Wattpad.
  • Snowstripe : I've just started using my account that I've had since about January. It's set to mature, as it explores some *ahem* rather mature themes. If ye catch me drift. ;) (okay that wink made me sound like a pedophile or something so sorry)
  • Heather: You mean your Zwilaya story?
  • Snowstripe : I do. Viewer discretion is advised. If you're not comfortable with that sort of thing, you don't have to read it. I understand. If you dare to, here's the address:
  • E: Coolio! I'll check it out, if I have time. My friend is slowly turning me into Hamiltrash...
  • Snowstripe : My sister (let's call her R) had a friend (let's call her K) who was like that. Her dad bought her a bloomin' horse by selling his car! Then when K told R that she was superior because of her spoiled life, R got all mad and the two stopped being friends.
  • Snowstripe : Another problem with the Skype idea is I'm 21 years old, and I'm assuming you guys are like 14 or 15. It'd be kinda weird telling your parents that you've been chatting with a 21 year old guy. 
  • Ox: OMGGGGG SNOWWWWWW its not weird at all. I've played with so many adults of games (CS:GO, CS:S, GMOD, TF2, XBOX, etc.,) and I don't care and neither do my parents. As long as it's not harmful to me, I'm O.K. but then again I am shy and i'd rather sit in a corner at a party and hope my friends rescue me. well I need to go revise my essay for school and I'm going to continue writing some stuff. | ...longest message here... Snow it's O.K, the mature topics, y'know? It's not like a registered sex offender lives down the street from me and i still ride down that street. and it's not like somebody else who lives down the street yelled at my mom's friend's adopted son with some racial slurs. I've probably seen about everything.
  • Snowstripe : Oy, speaking of which, just learned somewhere in my neighborhood a pedophile just moved in. Herbert's got some tasty popsicles down in his cellar for you, kids!
  • Snowstripe : Did you read my fic yet? What do you think?
  • Ox: Reading it now
  • Snowstripe : 'K.
  • Ox: v-very creative... I want to use Brian Jacque's initials, but not on this topic... Wonder how he'd react if he read it...
  • Snowstripe : Probably say "Excuse me", walk calmly off into the nearest restroom, and a few moments later we'd hear barfing all the way from the other room.
  • E: It's interesting, to say the least. Reminds me of a Romance novel I once read. Also, finished my section of the pass-a-long! It's your turn, Snow.
  • Ox: I don't think he'd barf. I think he'd sigh and shake his head. Then walk away with a doggy-bag just in case.
  • Snowstripe : Alrighty, down to work... *rolls up sleeves* Speaking of Pass-a-Long, did any of you read Vengeance Quest yet?
  • Reep : Guysguysguysguysguys. Get this. It's a name for a hare unit I'm working on:
  • Salamandastron's
  • Acclaimed
  • Long Patrol
  • Abroad
  • Division
  • S.A.L.A.D.
  • Heather: ROFL again! XD
  • Ox: LOL I really needed that after this morning. So I was late to school because a bus quite far in front of us was hit by a car. According to law, they can't move the bus until authorized by police so we sat there for awhile. An Ambulance came (by regulation), and I hope nobody had to go in it. | Happy Pi Day! Want me to give you some problems with circles to solve? Let me torture you in a scholarly way!
  • Snowstripe : Let's see, what number comes after the third five in Pi?
  • Ox: Not now, I got conspiracies to reveal. Not too long ago (I believe a week or two before), bus was hit by a car and our highschool had a bomb threat. Now today, we had another accident. IT'S ALL A PLOT TO DESTROY MY SMALL HOMETOWN. I THINK THEY'RE WATCHING. I'M NEXT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  • Snowstripe : That awkward moment when I just realized Ox said "ew" when I mentioned showing my face. My inner self: Well crap. Roast him back! My outer self: *is entirely oblivious to the whole thing until now* | Well, look who just popped out of the woodwork. Welcome back, Reep! Do you like my chatbox thing?

Tuesday 3/15/16

  • Ox: Uhhh... Objection! Where d-did I ever say that?! I can't find where I said that! I CALL FOR AN ATTORNEY.
  • Snowstripe : You said it when we where talking about Skype usernames. Here, you can have an attorney. *throws Tugga Bruster*
  • Heather: YEEEESSSSS I found the soundtracks for both HTTYD movies at the library!!!!! Now I can listen to them at night and in the car and pretty much everywhere else!!! ^^ I'm so happy!!! *dances like Gobber* @Snow; Urgh, now I have that stupid Tugga Bruster song stuck in my head!!! XD
  • Ox: You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney; if you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you by state... I call for Phoenix Wright! | I am in Bells class at my school. The highschool had a Bomb Threat once more. Well, I at least found time for a really dope photo. (A badger break-dancing with a hare workin' dem knobs!)
  • Heather: Where in Odin's name did you find that picture?! XD
  • Ox: ODIN? *thinks of how bad call of duty ghosts was* | I made a song about Donald Trump. I'm afraid to post it on the internet because... THEY'RE WATCHING | Lets punch Donald Trump, then we'll beat his face for fun. Fly a kite, fill a ballot, any but that evil guy. Tic toc on the clock, until we got crappy pres...
  • Snowstripe : Democrat or Republican? | One was already appointed to you. Mr. Bruster... Tugga: 'E's guilty as charged. Me: No, you're for him. Tugga: Oh. 'E didn't do it, I swear!
  • Ox: *facedesk* I have the right to substitute my attorney, so I WILL do that. *Tugga is dragged away and new attorney bursts through the doors* OBJECTION!
  • Heather: We should have a featured fanfic on here sometime, when there are enough on here to pick from.

Wednesday 3/16/16

  • Ox: Sounds like an idea. Right now, Snow (the prosecution) and my new attorney are currently at work...
  • Snowstripe : How can you object when the the prosecution hasn't even begun?!
  • Heather: Okay. Well, when you badger chaps're done, maybe we could have an art contest. ;P @Ox; You didn't answer my question...
  • Ox: @Heather, a sorcery called Google Images. | Then hurry up, the defense has no time to waste! Our verdict will be "Not Guilty"!
  • Snowstripe : I'm almost positive you can find when you said that in Archive 2.
  • Heather: I had a totally weird dream that for some reason I changed my profile pic to a weird picture of a random mouse with messy hair. XP
  • Ox: I'm begging my mom to order me a badger plushie. my addiction is getting so bad. they're drugs to me. i love it.
  • Heather: I have a stuffed animal badger that I named Constance. I got her at a store called Mossy Rock. It is the best place ever to get stuffed animals. It's also where I got Mariel, Fortunata, Dagur, and several others. There's a red squirrel that I really want, I'll name him Rakkety Tam. And I'd like three tiny baby owls, and name them Nutbeak, Nutwing and Nutclaw. Last time they were'nt there, though. :(
  • Ox: I have to order my plushie off the interwebz. It's O.K because I can customize a bandana for it and put its name on it :D What should I name it if I get one? | fall out boy courses thru my veins. I CAN MOVE MOUNTAINS, I CAN WORK A MIRACLE, WORK A MIRACLE- UH OH MAY NOTHING BUT DEATH DO US PART *epic guitar*

Saturday & Sunday 3/19/16 - 3/20/16

  • Ox I found a really good Redwall place on ROBLOX for some reason. It's from 2011 and it looks nice even from that long ago.
  • Heather: Yaasss I finished chapter 5 of Outlaws today! I finally feel like I actually accomplished something! @Ox: I think you should name your badger Lekota. ;D Also, my blog won't let me comment right now for some weird reason, so yeah, I still need something to draw. What were you thinking of?
  • Ox: @Heather I think I will name my plushie Lekota if I ever get it! | For a drawing, I really wanted a Father-and-Son moment with Brandil and Felix. Dunno why though... I guess I just want to see how Felix would look with a red and black checkered kerchief draped around his neck and his sword necklace. | my Beats are broke and I have to suffer with low-quality music from earbuds :c
  • Snowstripe : Geez, just remembered that once when I was like 12, my Science teacher was forcing her and my school's Christian ideals on me. My classmates breathed it in like air. Since, I've gotten rid of that ridiculousness. 
  • Ox: I'm about to release 3 chapters over on the Redwall Wikia of Conflux of Time. It's 11:47 and I should be in bed, but I still need to finish a chapter! Ugh! |Oh boy... I hope it was "ridiculous ridiculous" Christian ideas/beliefs because I'm Christian myself. Just don't want anything to start... That's all... 
  • Snowstripe : Neither am I. I'm just very disappointed in Christianity today, and I feel that the Bible is not necessarily a historic source of information, rather than two testaments of the faith in the Divine Being. I'm not saying that you're all idiots, or that I'm superior to you all, which I'm not, I'm just stating my disappointment in the followers of Christ.  
  • Ox: there are many branches with their own beliefs. | First day of Spring!!! Unfortunately, it's 48 degrees here... This morning it was 28! Wow, all week it was warm until Friday and yesterday. Ugh! Well, now I got a reason to work on my Redwall Abbey.
  • Heather: Yaaayyyy SPRING!!!!! I'm mad as a March Hare!!!!!!!!!! XD @Ox: Hey, aren't you supposed to be in a coma right now? ;P
  • Lekota Rookbane: I might've forgot to let you know that I'm his son... WAIT WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT HIM?! | I'm crying because I was 1 point off from making it in the National Honors Society. Supposed to have 95 Average, I got 93.8 -- round it to 94
  • Heather: Oh, it's Lekota. Ok. / Uh, I know we're not supposed to have private conversations on here, so sorry, but the stupid computer won't let me comment on anything or leave a message on anybody's wall, and to draw Brandil and Felix, I'll need a full description. So, Lekota, maybe you could just leave it on my wall. ;P
  • Snowstripe : 37 degrees over here. Watching a cool youtuber, plotholer54 right now. | It's okay to have your conversation here for now.
  • E: Same here, Snow. Though it is sunny over here.
  • Lekota Rookbane: It's 53 now over here. | Heather, I'll hit you up with a message on your wall.
  • Heather: @Lekota: Okay, you just want me to make up the rest of their clothing? I will work on it tonight! :) / It was wet and not so nice today as it was yesterday. :P
  • Lekota: Go for it. | Will somebeast tell Sergeant Bridges to shut it about food? It's getting... quite frustrating...

Tuesday 3/22/16

  • Snowstripe : Can't think much more today about the Pass-a-long. Test today, and I forgot to study. Not that I'd need to really, just it couldn't have hurt.
  • Lekota: so many peers on our laptops in Science class. the teacher doesn't even care!
  • Snowstripe : Finished my chapter of the Pass-a-Long. Your turn, Ox.
  • Lekota: Will have to read your chapter to see if my idea will fit in.
  • Heather: Oh WOW I just found some of the most EPIC music ever!!!!! O.o
  • Reep:Hey again, guys. :D I don't think any of you were around when I first did this (though Snow I think you were there when I was first planning this one), but I've started a new Grand Champion tournament over on RWW: @Heather COOL XD What was it?
  • Lekota: An amazing song I'm in love with is Jason Mraz "I Won't Give Up". Also, tomorrow is the last day of school until Spring Break! FREEEEEEDOM!!!!! MUSS ES SEIN! AH HA HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAAAA!
  • Heather: Well, I don't know if you've read any of Don Rosa's books, but it's here if you want to check it out. That's like the only place I could find to listen to it. Okay, actually, I haven't found it on Youtube yet but it still might be there, Idk. The track 'The Last Sled' made me almost cry. ;P
  • Lekota: In Language Arts, we sometimes have Bellwork where we have to write a short story based on a prompt. I'm hoping we get to do one today for Spring Break ^.^ | I never knew Fruit Loops could have marshmallows o.o

Friday, Saturday, Sunday 3/25/16-3/27/16

  • Lekota: Ordered a plush badger that comes in tomorrow from Amazon! ^.^ I'm eager for Easter so I can get it. (I still do this because... I get cool stuff and candy. yay for diabetes!)
  • Snowstripe : I'm heading back up North to my family for Easter. My dad's 75 now, so he isn't doing as much as he did when I was a kid. So I'm going over to help out. I can't decide if I want to bring Tiercel along. My cousins, nieces, siblings, and nephews like him, but it'll be a hassle to bring him and my friend could watch him. What do you guys think? 
  • Lekota: Whatever makes them and you happy. I say bring 'em. | What traditions do you guys normally do for Easter? My dad usually makes breakfast pizza for the "kids" (me. and my three cousins [one is in college, one is a senior in hs, and one is in my grade]) and it's always a hit.
  • Snowstripe : My dad usually would cook the turkey, but my brother (40) might cook it this year. My nephew's dad may not be there, 'co he works tomorrow and it'll take like 5 hours to get there. | How old was you guys' dads when you were born? My dad was 54, and my mom was 42.
  • Heather: Who's Tiercel? If you've told me before I forgot. ;P Our Easter is going to be different than usual. We're going to a different church, then our Viking friends are (hopefully) coming over to dinner. We're going to have some of the bear they helped us with.
  • Lekota: I might've not made a alt account on a game just to snipe the name "Urthrun". and also I feel my stomach burning away as my stomach acids beg for food.
  • Snowstripe: Tiercel is my pet kestrel. I think I told you guys about him back on Thanksgiving or Christmas. I'll be going to church this Easter (I used to go, but usually don't now), to be with my family. They'd guilt-trip me into it anyway, but maybe I can acknowledge His presence in my life again. Then after that, I either help hide the Easter eggs, or make sure the younger kids don't try to peek before the game starts. Either way, it'll be a fun Easter, one of the best ones I've had in recent years. I'm also surprising some people in my friend group with chocolate bunnies on Monday. A person I have a crush on is in there, so maybe I can very subtly do something special for her.
  • Lekota: if you have a pet kestrel, does this mean that I could have a-?! | When I was young, my uncle would take my cousin, my brother (ew), and I to go hunting for the Easter Bunny. We'd get in the car and drive around my small hometown in search for it. I remember my cousin and I had a paper spy-phone and we pretended it worked. Our uncle was in with it and it was always fun to go hunting. Though we'd come back home defeated since we couldn't find him, but there'd be eggs! I know now it was only to buy time, but I was young then! You should try doing it, Snow!
  • Heather: @Snow: Oh, now that you say that, I remember. ;D That is so cool. I like to pretend my chicken Sif is a hunting bird or dragon lol. XD Kenny (the dog) is a Night Terror, and Spunky (the cat) is a Terrible Terror. ;) Mom and Dad will probably hide eggs all over the yard for us, but it's only me and Spikes now, my two older brothers aren't interested of course. ;P Whateves. My dad can hide the eggs pretty well. Oooh, I know! Maybe Kenny will help us find them! ;D I want to draw an Easter/Springy Redwall picture for some reason, anyone have any ideas?
  • Snowstripe : @Ox: I used to when I was young, but when you're a 21 year old guy who should be helping, it'd give me an unfair advantage. I might do something like it. :) | Have a what? Have a what!? Tell me, goddangit!! *the camera flips over as I tackle Ox and grab his neck* | @Heather: I have four half-siblings, three are not my mum's kids, and one is not my dad's. They were like 35 when I was born. Once when I was a sixth grader, a girl asked if I was adopted when I said my dad was 66.
  • Lekota: *gasps through strangulation* Let me go! Don't make me kick you where it hurts! If you couldn't figure out, do you even know me? o.O
  • Reep:*Facewalls repeatedly* Oh for Pete's sake, guys. *Walks to trunk in corner* *pulls out Loki staff*. I use this on a count of five> One, two, three...
  • Snowstripe : *turns to Reep* What in the name of Vulpuz is that? | Just got the lucky 3,000th edit on the wiki! Hooray!@Ox: "Where it hurts"? Oh my... You still haven't told me what it was, Rookbane!
  • Heather: Ha! I know what it is! ;D
  • Lekota: *wheezing for breath* halp! y'want to know?! | can't wait until I get to have my plushie of a badger! :D (hint hint Snow, that might help you on your question)
  • Snowstripe : Would the fact that you named the plushie Lekota help?
  • Lekota: Once I get it, yet. | I'm watching "Rihinna - Work (Explict) ft. Drake" for some reason. Its... It's like most pop stuff you see now these days...
  • Heather: Eeeeeeeeee I'm so happy!!!!! I found an ENTIRE PLAYLIST OF RW MUSIC on Youtube!!!!! <3 ^^
  • Lekota: I am currently sitting in a dark room after blasting the lights out with a revolver, waiting for prey to walk through the doorway so I can stab them in the back. I love games like this. | Heather, you should make a drawing of Dibbuns playing in the Orchard of Redwall with a Hare!
  • Heather: Has anybeast here ever tried writing a story for a movie or TV show or know anything about it? I have a chance to do it, and I want to, but I don't really know much about it. ;P
  • Ox: @Heather: In Language Arts one day we read a TV Script of "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" from The Twilight Zone. We even got to watch the episode on Netflix and they were very similar. If you want to write for TV, you'd need to include cast of characters, stage directions, and a script. | Its 2:40 in the morning and I can't sleep. I went downstairs from my room to get a glass of chocolate milk because I was thirsty and poked around my Easter Basket. Cute Lekota sitting there guarding it! :)
  • Snowstripe : Just sitting here, in my sports coat and tie, all ready to go. My hair is a bit long, but I have it long because it reminds me of Jesus. Just washed my glasses, and ate one last Reeses before brushing my teeth and flossing. Now I'm waiting for it to be time to go and hoping my younger relatives want to play a game with me that'll get us in trouble. Right now, I think my aunt is on their case about brushing.
  • Lekota: Finished with Church today. Generally as a kid and teenager, you really don't want to go to church. I was itchin' to be there considering I missed Christmas after falling asleep. | I feel my stomach calling for jelly beans. My body says "Yes!" but my mind says "No! DIABETES." I guess this happens with the lack of sleep. Kept up all night by the same thing that keeps my mom up. GOODNESS GRAVY!
  • Heather: I haven't gotten my basket yet. We'll be doing it after church. :P I really hope I get a stuffed animal too! Since church is in the morning this time I had to get up in the middle of the night. XP (7:30) Now I've got to go get ready for church. We're leaving in about 15 minutes. ;P
  • Snowstripe : Just had lunch. It was ham. I'm also sipping a glass of wine right now. xP
  • Ox: I'm so stuffed and miserable that I am going to nap here shortly. I also look pregnant... | @Snow Wine? ...I have a line from a song I want to belt but unfortunately for me there's that 1 drug that's included... CHAMPAGNE, (flour-looking drug), GASOLINE, AND MOST THINGS IN BETWEEN!
  • Snowstripe : Coke? That's one addiction I cannot afford. And why'd you put a question mark after wine? (like that XD)
  • Ox: with the lack of sleep and how miserable I am, my brain cannot comprehend. it's 81 degrees in my house and we don't have air conditioning because the company hasn't turned it on yet. end me now.
  • Snowstripe : It's 70 degrees in my parent's house, and 43 outside. That's our Minnesota! You still didn't tell me why you put that question mark there.
  • Snowstripe : Frickin' slept for three hours, wasting my whole afternoon. Glaux, I'm leaving tomorrow at 10, and this is one of the only times I wish Tiercel had woken me. But he was sleeping too. Figures. (Nearly broke one of my own rules on that first word >:( )
  • Heather: *falls asleep on keyboard* I'm so tired... After playing with my friends all afternoon. We get pretty wild. And all those little boys!!! It seems like there's 100, but there's really 4. All under the age of 10. Why can't they leave the boys and just bring the girls and maybe the oldest boy?! Jk. XP Yay in my basket I got a megablox minion and a stuffed gray tabby kitten that I named Tsarmina. :)
  • Snowstripe : Well, Tiercel woke me, I took a shower, had breakfast, and said goodbye to my relatives. I'll be back in my apartment by like 2 this afternoon.
  • Ox: OX IS UP AND BACK WITH MORE HOURS OF SLEEP, MORE ENERGETIC THAN BEFORE!!! Lol my parents asked me what I was going to name my badger plushie and I'm too shy to give that out to them... I seem chill on the internet but in reality, i'd scoot away into a corner than to be talking with others I don't know.
  • Snowstripe : Well, you do know my name and age, so that would be technically knowing me.
  • Ox: I wonder what it would be like if we all were to meet at one location. I also wonder what it would be like if we were actually our characters and met at one location.
  • Snowstripe : Sounds like something a creeper would suggest XD
  • Snowstripe : "Pickle juice"?! "Slave"?! Yeesh. 
  • Ox: im going to go jump off the highest ledge of Salamandastron now. good day to you all. i do not know why i chose to do this with my life. I WILL FINALLY LIVE UP TO THE DREAM OF DOING THAT THINGY IN ASSASSIN'S CREED!!! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- News Report: badger lord kills himself after asking to be covered in pickle juice and called a slave.
  • Snowstripe : Snowstripe is revealed to be a fan of Lewis Lovhaug, watches him review comics, and listens to Harvey Finevoice.
  • Ox Canned noodles or packaged noodles? | im stalking wattpad and waiting for my story to be created so i can read it and _____ my tail off.
  • Snowstripe : ...And now it's time for "Guess that Naughty Word"! And here's our two contestants for this round: Snow and Snow! I'm your host, Snowstripe the Fierce! Let's begin with twenty seconds on the clock, and we'll have Snow go first. (other Snow: Really? Again?!) Okay, Snow, give your first guess. Snow: Uh... F-word??
  • Ox: ...yes i am definitely going to canoodle by tail off. oh you would want to see me try that, wouldn't you? *wink* ;)
  • Snowstripe : *swallows* You know what? I think I better go get a drink. *gulps down some iced tea* Ahh. Much better. This conversation is pushing the boundaries on what is what is not breaking the rules. I think we better change the subject.
  • Ox: Rats! Wisconsin was eliminated from March Madness and I never recognized... I'm also surprised that Notre Dame got knocked out too for some odd reason. Guess I'm rooting for Villanova now. | I started working some more on my Redwall Abbey. I've gotten started on making the kitchens and what-not :D
  • Ox: I never really watch all of the major competitive leagues for CSGO, but I just watched FaZe Clan V Team Liquid for the MLG Columbus 2016 and it was pretty clutch. For a second I thought FaZe would win but Team Liquid really pulled it off and made it.
  • Snowstripe : I just realized that I left like a bottle of wine here at my apartment. I think I was going to take it to my relatives for our Easter bridge game xD. Welp, no point in wasting it. "Not enough to make you lose your mind, but enough to wake you up to those flowers you couldn't see before." - Me (xD again) Ooh, was the word "jerk"?
  • Heather: Wine? I don't like wine. Yeah i've tried it. *guilty look* XD @Ox: Villanova is a villain in Quack Pack.
  • Ox: I am the only one in my family who has not had alcohol. My brother has, my cousins had, my other cousin has... Although they were all just taste-tests, I still haven't. is it bad to say that I want to? not even in church do I. | Snow, you're bad at this. Let's try some verbs from first grade like laugh, cry, and giggle. AND THAT IS DISGUSTING, SNOW. ANY SELF-RESPECTING BADGER LORD WOULD HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN TO GO DOWN THERE
  • Snowstripe : Well, seeing as though you requested a certain kind of fic from me, I thought it might work. Fine. How about "laugh"?
  • Ox: Laugh will work, but I left it blank to see how i'd react when I read it. this beautiful gif I made that goes with your last word
  • E: We talking about wine now? All I can say is that it smells nice...Aaaand how was everyone's Easter?
  • Ox: My Easter was a downhill for me. I woke up at 2:40 because my legs wanted to run a Marathon, I felt like I had a fever and was so miserable that I'd rather drown to cool myself off than to suffer. But family interaction and Church was good. | I'm starting to get fluent with the rap parts of 2 songs. *cough* Maroon 5 Payphone and Rihanna Work *cough*
  • Snowstripe : Easter was one of the better ones in a long time. I went to church with my relatives, played with my younger relatives, and played our yearly Easter game of bridge.
  • Ox: I just wrapped my Lekota plushie in a blanket to make a bundle. We're totally not cuddling..! But seriously we are and this is sad because... well I am not normal. badgers are a drug to me. I cannot survive without them
  • Snowstripe : Hold up. I'm making a fic about you and Lekota.
  • Ox: Can't wait! | Soma Games followed me on twitter. #Goalz
  • Heather: Does anybeast know where I can get comic books besides the library? I NEED MORE DON ROSA. :P
  • Ox: Going to continue writing Conflux of Time. I might try to make a song parody that's Redwall Themed.



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