Eru is a female deity, or goddess, and the goddess and guardian of all badgers. In ancient times, she spoke to and led her beloved kind through the Erudites. However, following the death of Lady Sable Brock, faith in her fell, and most badgers came to be led by themselves or the Tabura.

Eruditarian Narrative

Most historians and Eruditarians agree that the common belief of the Erudites was that when the Earth was young, Eru created badgers to live among the living things. She did not exist, at least to the Earth, until the selected badgers, or Erudites, had started leading others in her name.

"...And when the lands were young and had not yet prospered, Eru went forth and created badgers in Her likeness, but she did not exist to Her creation until they existed to Her, and when both knew each other, all was right."

However, while she waited for her creation to know her, they had fallen into Bloodwrath, and would kill those who disagreed with them. Wars were started, and many beasts had lost their lives. In response to this, Eru selected a few badgers to lead the badgers into the way of peace. These beasts were known as Erudites. They were all peaceful and shied away from war, until the days of the Last Erudite, Lady Sable Brock, who was a blacksmith and warrior.

Following the wars of the Old Age, Badgerkind were relatively peaceful creatures. However, one badger named Bo'raak tried to lead them astray and into war against the mice of the flatlands. Bo'raak did lead them into battle, but he fell upon his spear, which killed him. Whether or not Eru was responsible for this is largely debated among Eruditarian scholars.

Eru has been said to still watch over her kind, but does not speak to them through otherbeasts or interact with them.

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