Brang Forgefire was a Badger Lord of the mountain stronghold of Salamandastron. He fought against the Ravagers when he was young alongside his best friend, Feryn Kordyne, who saved his life when he had the Bloodwrath during a battle with Armuk Rinn the Conqueror. Brang visited Redwall Abbey and accidentally broke a bellrope for the Matthias and Methuselah bells, which were mended soon after, but he sent Buckler Kordyne and his friend Diggs to Redwall with two new very strong and durable ropes for the bells.

After the battle with Armuk Rinn, Brang found a coin among the wreckage of a vermin ship, created an image of a beast's paw with a sword and carved the word "Blademaster" on it, and called the new invention the Blademaster's Medal. He awarded this to Feryn for his heroics. Brang was also known to have forged the unique rapier that Buckler owned. He was later succeeded by a young badger from his visions, Ambrevina Rockflash.