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This wiki was made so that people can add their knowledge of the mysterious Badger Rulers of the great mountain known as Salamandastron.

Hello, welcome to Badger Rulers of Salamandastron Wiki! Thanks for taking time out of your day to visit us! Here at the grand old BRoS Wiki, we work hard to uncover the mystery behind the mysterious Badger Lords and Ladies from the Redwall series by Brian Jacques.

Of course, when we're not doing that, we have fun on our blogs, on the Forums, on each other's Message Walls, in chatrooms, and of course, on the Mess Hall.

Our current project is Project Sharpen and Shine, and we would very much appreciate it if you decided to help us by reading it through and contributing to our effort.

The Season Is:

"Summer of Festivities"

Named by: Ox

On: July 9th, 2016

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