Astronism is a monotheistic religion and faith of the Astronian hares, and focuses upon the life and times of the demigod Astron, and the teachings of his faithful friend and armor-bearer Salaman. Its tenets and mythology are based upon ancient Leithanic tenets and Achishian folklore. Astronists retain the belief that Astron was a demigod and son of Leithan, and that he guided them to Salamandastron, so that they may live as close to the skies as possible.


According to the Leithanic mythos, Astron was the eldest son of the god Leithan, and was a candidate, along with his father and brothers, for the position of King of the gods. Astron was also the owner of the greatsword Archon. The other gods soon became jealous, and they slew Leithan, along with Astron's brothers. Astron tried to fight them, but when they proved a match for his strength, they bound him and cast him down to earth, although not before breaking his sword into many pieces and casting them down as well.

When Astron woke, he was in a valley in the Achish, in the center of a crater. Once he had regained his senses, he set off. Coming across a village of hares, he told them his story, and asked for their help in retrieving the shards of his sword. They laughed at this, and one farmer jokingly asked him to remove a colossal boulder from his turnip field, in order to prove himself a god. Astron, disgruntled, did this, and they were all amazed. After doing many other amazing things among them, including uprooting and snapping a sturdy elm tree in half, the townsfolk declared him a god, and crowned him with a crown of leaves. He soon went from village to village, working miracles among the folk there, until he had reached the capital city of Achish, Raitheh. By now he had collected all but one fragment of his sword, and kept them thrust into his belt.

In Raitheh, Astron and his company faced serious persecution, due to the state religion being Mazl'or, a henotheistic sect revering the rain god Mazl. The Mazl'or priests offered large rewards to any hare who could bind Astron and bury him underneath a hill, in order to bring great rains upon the land, which was at the time in the middle of a great drought.

To keep the citizens of Raitheh and his friends safe, Astron went into hiding. However, he was discovered by a young priest named Salaman, who quickly reported him to his counterparts, in hopes that he would become a High Priest. Astron was bound in leather straps and iron chains, and was buried underneath a hill. While there, and slowly suffocating to death, he received a vision from his mortally-wounded father, Leithan, that the rains would come rushing down from the skies and the earth, and that he was on the peak of a Great Mountain of Fire, and he would, with his final burst of energy, give him the strength to rise from the hill. Astron burst from his chains and bonds, and clawed his way up the hill, to find that the rains had already come. Salaman, moved by this action, tore off his orange clerical robes and pendants, declaring Mazl to be dead.

As Raitheh crumbled, all the hares followed Astron to the north, with the god receiving a vision from his father, slowly guiding him to the Mountain of Fire. Once they had reached the mountain, Salaman and Astron entered the mountain, looking for Leithan. Instead they found nine giant lizards, who breathed fire. While Salaman rushed at them with his spear and shield, and whenever the lizards would breathe fire, Astron would block the flames with his swords, crudely forging them together. They continued this cycle until Archon was fully remade. Then Astron charged the beasts, stabbing at them with his greatsword, and pummeling them with his fist. Salaman rushed to his aid, and after four days and nights of battling, they had cornered the beasts on the edge of a tunnel, leading into a huge chasm at the base of the mountain. Astron, with the last of his strength, knocked the lizards off the edge, causing them to fall. Once they had reached the bottom, they breathed colossal pillars of flame with their final breath, causing the mountain to erupt. Salaman and Astron then sprinted out of the mountain.

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