Alder Stonestripe was a male badger, husband to Marcella, father to Rowan, Tabura Feltur, Azulina, and Cerulea, Lord of Salamandastron, and one of the most active leaders of the Allied Lands during the Wars of New World.


Alder was born to an unnamed father and mother in the Northeastern corner of the Western Plain. At around the age of 17, he headed South, along the way meeting a band of six warrior and healer badgers, named Felturan, Ash, Marcella, Aster, and Jade. They were a jolly lot, and Alder thought he could live out his days roaming the Plains with them. He even fell in love with Marcella, and the two were married and had a son, named Rowan, for the mountain ash. However, when Rowan's stripes weren't gray like his but black like Ash's, he suspected his wife was unfaithful to him and his Bloodwrath caused him to almost kill his friend. When Marcella told him her family's stripes were black like Ash's, he calmed down and ran off in shame. Alder then decided he couldn't journey with them anymore. Felturan, the eldest of the group and leader, advised him to continue South, to the mountain of Salamandastron, in hopes he could become its new Badger Ruler. Marcella went with him, carrying their babe, and in a season's time, they made it to Salamandastron.

After becoming Badger Lord, he and Marcella had a second son, Feltur, named after Felturan, and a daughter named Azulina. It was after Azulina had grown up and Feltur had decided to become a Tabura, that war had broken out in the Western Sea, and the new Searat King Draco and Queen Scelesta, otherwise known as Lady Death, had started attacking island communities and coastal cities. The Long Patrol acted first, and the Rogue Crew next. During one stormy night, an elderly silver squirrel came to Salamandastron, seeking audience with Stonestripe.

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