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Random RP

Okay so we wanted to do an RP, right? Here is where we are going to do it, and it can just be a random crazy one. ;D Where should we start.... *is trying think how Luna starts all these RPs* 8P

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Ox Rookbane
Snowstripe the Fierce

Before I initiate RP... I wanna say a few things :3

  1. BRoS rules are to be followed
  2. If RPing as a canon character, act in character
  3. No god-modding (*throws knife and goes in head* ... *dodges*)
  4. Anything offtopic should be said within double parentheses. ((like this)) (this is to allow one pair of parentheses for clearing something up, etc.)
  5. If you are new to the RP and want to bounce in, you should message a participant to learn a little more before bouncing in
  6. Use bold print for actions. Italics for plot-building parts (After ____ got done eating his puncakes, he decided it was time to ______.)

And now, I shall INITIATE THE RP! :D


The harsh winter wind pierced through fur. I remember that from birth, and I do not know why. That day in the winter, my sister and I were born. Not even a season old then, and we shivered.

Today marks the start of winter, and the penetrating winds have returned. I do not feel it. And that's how this story begins. Down at the Mess next to my sister. Our father arrives late as peep at him through the corners of our eyes.


Strange rules. Never played like this since Darwin's Soldiers. Whatever.

I can play as Sunstripe.

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Snowstripe the Fierce wrote: Strange rules. Never played like this since Darwin's Soldiers. Whatever. 

((It's basic RP rules I've picked up from other places. God-modding was one I picked up quite awhile ago, but acting in character is more recent. I guess it's O.K to let loose here and there :) ))


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