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Oh My God, It's Still Here!!!!

Wow, it's been so damn long. Wow. I've almost forgotten about this little corner o...
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I have remembered this and returned. I thought it was time to come back and say something, perhaps dust this place off. ;]
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Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been ...
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Festive Art Contest

Time to get some festive art rolling out! :D

Your choices are:
Decorate Redwall OR Salamandastron w/ festive lights, etc (Like decorating a house)
Draw a...
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Need to Update Homepage

Self-explanatory. :/

Broken wiki code visible
Season is still set on summer. It's now almost winter ._.
Perhaps we need a Winter art contest to be a...
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Hey guys. You know all of the Piskel pixel art I've been making? Well, I guess it's led up to this. 

read in a somewhat raspy narrator voice*
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Another Art Contest?

I'm willing to host one. So far I got these ideas down:

Draw your favorite EXISTING animal in its natural habitat.
Anthro-fy your favorite celebr...
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Spam stuff onto this page

On the Junk Wiki, they have something like this. I thought we could do it too.
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You know what would be fun?

If we made a series of articles related to the Great Vermin Wars. I'm thinking of something like the French Revolution pages on Wikipedia. We cou...
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Children of the Mace

Okay, let's try this again, properly. We will do the RP on this thread, but to discuss it we will use this thread. How does that sound? :) Now he...
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New Look

I have decided that a new layout for the Mess Hall is in order. I know that you guys like the Mess Hall, so I thought that perhaps a brainstorm of som...
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So the Discussions feature is available for all wikias, which you can read more about here if you haven't already. Think we should get it for our...
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This post is locked.

Schedule Times for RP

We need to get it organized so we can actually do it at it's full effect. So, it's best if we schedule times. Please leave times and days yo...
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Train of Thought

This is a game I saw on the Berk's Grapevine forum, so I thought I should start one here cause I liked it. ;D  What you do is read the previous w...
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A Poll

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Random RP

Okay so we wanted to do an RP, right? Here is where we are going to do it, and it can just be a random crazy one. ;D Where should we start.... *is try...
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Astronian Inquisitor - Edition 1

Well, I've posted the first edition of our Wikia's newspaper, The Astronian Inquisitor. This will be a joke newspaper that I'll make an...
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Mess Avatars

Remember when I first started the Mess Hall? It was such a strange time for us, because we were still practically Wikian infants, none of us in our se...
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Art Contest #2

Considering we have had only one hosted contest of the judging of art, I've taken it upon myself to do one ;-;. 
The theme I have chosen are crack...
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I thought I would start a game on here called Excuses, and in case you do not know how to play, I will tell you. ;) So, one person starts by saying so...
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